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warehousing & logistics

At ADMC, we understand that the world trade market runs on logistics. This is why we lead the global initiative to deliver logistics solutions emphasizing value, simplicity, and consistency. We offer various services such as Warehousing, Storage and Local & International logistics support mainly for the GCC region and worldwide. Whether you need a single shipment or a fully outsourced shipping solution, ADMC has covered you.

Success is dependent on our clients' requirements being met. The main objective of ADMC is to deliver a cost-effective, risk-reduced solution that helps you maintain your competitive edge and promotes your brand's reputation in the sectors in which you operate.

Shipping services we provide: We offer a wide range of services, from packing to delivery., which include:

Goods handling at the point of origin

Insurance of goods

Real-time tracking of goods

Pickup of goods from the manufactures site

Transportation of goods from manufacture’s site to shipping site

Proper exportation documents

Shipping via designated

Goods handling upon arrival

Payment of customs duty

Proper customs documentation

Delivery to warehouse

Unloading & Storing at warehouse

Return of goods to manufactures

Repacking goods for return

Proper returns documentation

Loading & shipping to manufacturer’s site

Distribution of goods from warehouse

Sorting of goods prior loading

Loading and securing the goods

Delivery to client

Unloading goods at clients’ site

Attaining proper documentation upon successful delivery


Warehouse and storage services that we provide:

Climate Controlled Warehouse

Large Capacities Available

Water-Damage Preparation

Shelving for smaller items

Skids for larger items

Canopies in case of leakage

Forklift service

Warehouse security

Miscellaneous Services

Data tracking, management, storage, and backup for

All warehouse logs

Any exchange of goods

Receiving goods from manufactures

Sales and distribution of goods to clients

Return of goods to manufactures


Transit between manufacturer and storage facility

Storage Insurance

Tracking of all goods

While in transit/ At the warehouse

From manufactures

To clients

To manufactures