About Us

In 1984, Arabian Development and Marketing Co., Ltd., (ADMC) started humbly as a general trading firm. Nearly 40 years later, it’s grown into the preeminent telecommunications and technological solutions company in the Saudi Kingdom.

ADMC has established itself as a longtime solutions provider within the public and governmental sectors, yet in recent years has poised itself to be a leader within the neighboring nations of the GCC. This growth is attributed to ADMC’s wide range of services provided. Not only do these services complement one another for a comprehensive, one-stop solution, ADMC has partnered itself with some of the leading manufactures across the globe to provide products and services at the forefront of the global technological boom.

Mohammad Bin Mutlaq Al-Gadhi

As a company, Arabian Development and Marketing Co., Ltd., (ADMC) has branched into several industries, diversifying its scope and expertise. These industries include telecommunications; telecom distribution; data center infrastructure; warehouse infrastructure and shipping logistics; engineering consulting, general contracting; energy solutions; and the aviation industry.

Yet with all this diverse growth, expansion would not be possible without ADMC’s customers. ADMC prides itself on these relationships, which is why the company goes above and beyond to provide top-tier services and products, maintaining competitive pricing, and dedicating itself to impeccable customer service. These three goals form the foundation of ADMC’s mission as it leads the Kingdom into the future of what telecommunications, construction, and engineering have to offer.

President & CEO

From the team here at Arabian Development and Marketing Co., Ltd., (ADMC) , we’re excited to welcome you to the modern experience of telecommunications and information technology. ADMC is positioning itself as a global market leader in these industries as a one-stop turnkey center for cost-effective technology solutions.

Utilizing the most cutting-edge technology cultivated from both local and worldwide technology bases, ADMC is a global competitor with the expertise and drive to deliver superior products and meet each customer’s highest level of satisfaction.

At ADMC we are continuously improving upon our own products and creating new solutions to meet the needs of an ever-changing technological world. Our short-term vision is to solidify ourselves as a market leader in the region’s ICT market, giving us the competency and foundation to service all counties within the GCC. Our long-term goal is to become a worldwide leader in telecommunications and information technology services using customer satisfaction, high quality products, and cost-effective strategies and solutions as our core mission.

General Manager

Ayman Zeibak

While we expand, we don’t want to forget what has driven our success thus far. ADMC believes that customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Our extensive expertise in technology allows us to bring a customer’s vision to life, allowing us to consistently deliver a high-quality product that allows our clients to reach their highest potential. We take pride in our diverse background, allowing us to innovate from a place of integrated experience, which both streamlines the process, but allows for the most comprehensive scope for each client. We believe this results in the highest level of quality and satisfaction available. When our customers find success, we believe we are reaching success.

Thanks to the confidence and support of our customers, we believe we are a company that our clients respect and appreciate. Our objective is to be a company every future customer can be proud to work with.

This customer to excellence is a pledge we carry with us as we look forward to serving you and fulfilling your company’s vision.