Data Center & Data Room Cooling Solutions

Solved countless problems and
gained invaluable experience


A machine may seem like it wouldn't be difficult to keep operational in a data center, but its appearance can be deceiving. One might not think a simple machine would care too much about how comfortable it is in a data center, but this contributes substantially to system errors and data systems crashing. If the device isn't comfortable, it's more likely to experience system errors which could lead to an entire data system crash.

Firms must first develop a comprehensive understanding of the technological capabilities and limits to profit from any technology. This knowledge is essential in network and employee environments since it allows us to understand best how to maintain climate control within a specific region. Over 20 years, ADMC has solved countless problems and gained invaluable experience. Additionally, it has partnered with a global leader in HVAC systems to ensure that the right equipment is used by qualified individuals who know how to utilize these climate control solutions properly.